BioOrganic Mass Spectrometry (BioOMS)

The BioOrganic Mass Spectrometry (BioOMS) facility at IFG provides an additional powerful analytic infrastructure at KIT. BioOMS offers research groups the opportunity to use the equipment for innovative projects within the scope of research and development collaborations.

In the last years there is an increased demand for analytical methods for structural confirmation and quantification for a wide spectrum of different compounds. Besides determining small molecules procedures are needed allowing the characterization of high-molecular structures and complexes. This requires powerful analytical tools enabling:


  • the analysis of high-mass compounds,

  • the identification of substances at a low concentration range, and

  • the accurate quantification of trace amounts of these substances.

So far, mass spectrometry equipped with powerful separation techniques is able to meet these demands.



Key aspects


  • Organic trace analysis of compounds including characterisation and quantification

  • Targeted Proteomics and metabolomics

  • Characterisation of chemical polymers and bio-polymers