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Extending the life cycles of buildings
Karlsruhe (ABZ). Higher investments in public infrastructure were promised by all parties before the elections and are also an urgent topic in exploratory talks and coalition negotiations. The need is indeed enormous: the German government estimates the investment requirement for roads, bridges, railways and waterways at around 270 billion euros by 2030. 
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Long life of the infrastructure
Infrastructure buildings often suffer from signs of aging after only a few years. Their life expectancy has fallen drastically under continuing cost and time pressure. German researchers are now pleading for a precise analysis of risks and condition developments of materials even before construction.
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Researchers want to extend the lifecycle of buildings
Bridges, sewage systems or roads often require repairs or rehabilitation measures long before the end of their expected service life. New preventive measures are being developed to prevent these premature failures. The municipality of Malsch near Karlsruhe has already implemented this new approach in various pilot projects.
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UNGER ingenieure

UNGER ingenieure is partner of the KIT Innovation Hub
On May 31,2017, the partners of the KIT Innovation Hub "Prevention in Construction" met for a kick-off event. Together, we have launched a pioneering project. The aim is to improve the performance and durability of infrastructure structures.
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Anti-aging on the construction site
Scientists around Professor Dr. Andreas Gerdes and industrial partners are working together to  prevent damages on already existing technical infrastructure by means of prevention measures and prolong the life of new construction.
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Presseinfo Helmholtz Gemeinschaft

Customized rehabilitation
The ravages of time are gnawing away at roads, bridges, water pipes and many other infrastructure facilities. Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have now developed a tailor-made concept for the repair of the 100-year-old Laufenmühle viaduct in cooperation with specialized companies.
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Badisches Tagblatt

Municipality of Malsch becomes a living laboratory
Project "Prevention in Construction" of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is intended to extend the life cycle of roads and buildings.
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KIT Press Release

Preservation of Monuments: Pinpointed Repair Reduces Costs
KIT develops a new customized approach for sustainable repairing of the Laufenmühlen Viaduct which is part of more than 100 years old  railway line. The Waldbahn railway line near Welzheim is one of the most beautiful railway lines in South Germany and listed as a monument. Its viaducts, however, require restoration.



KIT Launches Innovation Hub "Prevention in Construction" at KIT
Karlsruhe (pm/jk) The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has added theinnovation hub "Prevention in Construction" to its portfolio. This hub, along with six other concepts for innovation labs, is part of a new program of the Helmholtz Association (HGF). All Labs will receive 12 million euros in funding from the HGF over the next five years.
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KIT Presseinformation

Infrastructure – Prevention Is Better than Cure
Helmholtz Association and KIT start the Innovation Hub “Prevention in Construction” in which industry, administration and science cooperate for the extension of lifecycles  of roads and buildings.