Surface Area and Porosity Determintation

The determination of the specific surfaec area (SSA) is carried out with gas sorption and data evaluation according the so called BET method.

Pore size distributions can be calculated meanwhile very precise with models based on DFT/Monte Carlo methods. Especially for micropores, i.e. pores with pore width less than 2 nm.

Our device is a Autosorb 1-MP from Quantachrome. Its working with N2 and Kr at a temperature of 77K. This device is special for the lowest partial presser range (p/po < 10-6 ) and thus is able to measure diminutive amounts.

For the examinations of hydrophobic resp. hydrophilic surfaces another device from Quantachrome is available, the Hydrosorb 1000. Water vapor adsorption up to 40°C can be measured.

In addition, the range of the adsorptive can be extented to organic vapors with a DVS (dynamic vapour sorption) von SMS (Surface Measurment Systems).
Ar-sorption-isotherm and pore size distribution of HKUST-1


N2-sorption-isotherm and pore size distribution of HKUST-1





Classification: Specific Surface Area/Porosity N2-gassorption (BET)




  • Quantachrome Autosorb 1-MP , nitrogen sorption at 77K, data evaluation BET, DFT/Mont-Carlo kernels (porosity)

  • Quantachrome Hydrosorb water vapor sorption up to 40°C



Keywords: SSA, BET, Porosität