KIT Innovation HUB

„It is not a question of anticipating the future, but of being prepared for it.“ (Perikles around 500 - 429 BC)

In the near future megatrends such as climate change, resource scarcity, urbanisation, globalisation and digitalisation will change science, business and society even more than they already do today. This also holds true for the construction sector and will confront the construction industry with completely new challenges. Ensuring sustainable infrastructure, which is of paramount importance for economic competitiveness, but also for the quality of life in our society, will play a central role. Without numerous innovations, however, these goals will not be achieved. Their development will be our joint task in the future, in order to prevent a considerable burden for future generations.


In 2016, the KIT Innovation HUB was launched with the aim of creating disruptive innovations for a sustainable infrastructure in the fields of transport, energy, water and municipal infrastructure. The activities are targeting the development of prevention strategies in order to increase the service life of buildings, integrating various aspects of their life cycle, starting from the selection of raw materials and products up to the recycling. This is achieved by means of a close cooperation between scientific experts, industry experts and partners such as builders, planners, authorities or construction companies from industry and scientists from various research institutions, in order to significantly improve performance and durability by means of a structured innovation processes along the lifecycle of structure vital to our infrastructure.


The KIT Innovation HUB "Prevention in Construction" - a Helmholtz Innovation Lab - was selected as a Helmholtz transfer instrument in a selection procedure of the Helmholtz Association together with six other "Helmholtz Innovation Labs (HIL)". With the aim of strengthening the interface between industrial and non-university research, developing innovations and bringing new technologies to market, scientists research and develop together with partners from industry. Together, they pursue the goal of translating research results into market-orientated technologies or services and strengthening the transfer into application through mutual exchange. As a platform for ideas and communication, the KIT Innovation HUB provides a platform to bring together people who look to the future together and thus develop new ideas and solutions.




Seeing, developing, learning and communicating new things.

Currently, the KIT Innovation HUB is in the build-up phase and is about to grow. Join us on our journey into a sustainable future. Further information will soon be available on our official website:

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