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Immobilizations of enzyme models on particles for use in aziridination reactions

Master thesis

Investigation of the purification of oligosaccharide-nucleoside mixtures in a novel membrane filtration system

Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis

Establishment of enzymatic multi-component reactions for continuous synthesis in an enzyme membrane reactor

Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis

Enzymatic synthesis of oligosaccharides in a novel enzyme membrane reactor

Master thesis

Optimization and automation of sample analysis of various plant-based milk substitutes

Master Thesis

Research Assistant (f/m/d) phD-thesis in the Development of Photopolymerized Molecularly Imprinted Polymer modified Multiplexed Biosensor for Acute Kidney Injury Diagnostics

phD thesis

Investigating the Feasibility of Impedimetric Detection as an Alternative for the Gold Standard Colorimetric Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA)

Master Thesis Assignment

Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis This thesis investigates the potential of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to study the hydrogelation process in a time-resolved manner with comparably simple experimental setups. A suitable model system of molecular precursor and enzyme should be identified, and hydrogelation should be monitored online using an existing design.

Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis

Master Thesis / Simulation-based optimisation of a magnetically supported vortex bed electrode for the in-situ generation of H2O2 for electroenzymatic syntheses

Master Thesis

Master thesis / Validation of a model of a digital twin for a ploymerbased mixed-mode resin through high throughput chromatography

Master thesis

Master Thesis / (Continuous) susceptibility fractionation of paramagnetic and superparamagnetic nanoparticles by magnetochromatography

Master Thesis

Master Thesis / Working Student for the development of Lanthanide-based coatings for optical applications (f/m/x) (Cooperation of IFG and Zeiss Innovation HUB)

Master Thesis / Working Student

Die AG von Prof. Franzreb vergibt Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten im Bereich Chemie-, Bioingenieurwesen zu folgenden Themen:


Bachelorarbeit / Masterarbeit

The group of Prof. Gottwald is offering Bachelor and Master Thesis with the following topics:

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