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Master Thesis/ In this work, lacto-N-triaose (LNT2) is to be enzymatically synthesised in a novel EMR. The first step is to characterise the enzyme and immobilise it on carrier particles using conventional methods. In a second step, LNT2 will be synthesised continuously in a flow. By using it in the EMR, inhibitory by-products are to be removed in-situ.

Master Thesis

In this work, the novel enzyme-membrane reactor is to be hydrodynamically characterised. For this purpose, both the retention behaviour of the membrane with regard to substrates and products and the residence time of a tracer molecule in the reactor will be investigated.

Bachelor Thesis

Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis This thesis investigates the potential of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to study the hydrogelation process in a time-resolved manner with comparably simple experimental setups. A suitable model system of molecular precursor and enzyme should be identified, and hydrogelation should be monitored online using an existing design.

Bachelor Thesis / Master Thesis

Master Thesis / Simulation-based optimisation of a magnetically supported vortex bed electrode for the in-situ generation of H2O2 for electroenzymatic syntheses

Master Thesis

Master thesis / Validation of a model of a digital twin for a ploymerbased mixed-mode resin through high throughput chromatography

Master thesis

Master Thesis / (Continuous) susceptibility fractionation of paramagnetic and superparamagnetic nanoparticles by magnetochromatography

Master Thesis

Master Thesis / Working Student for the development of Lanthanide-based coatings for optical applications (f/m/x) (Cooperation of IFG and Zeiss Innovation HUB)

Master Thesis / Working Student

Die AG von Prof. Franzreb vergibt Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten im Bereich Chemie-, Bioingenieurwesen zu folgenden Themen:


Bachelorarbeit / Masterarbeit

The group of Prof. Gottwald is offering Bachelor and Master Thesis with the following topics:

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