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Prof. Dr. Matthias Franzreb

Prof. Dr. Matthias Franzreb





 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hubbuch




Department of Bioengineering and Biosystems

Interfaces as a location for sorption processes, biochemical reactions and biological interactions


The work of the Department of Bioprocess Engineering and Biosystems comprises the development, modeling and use of novel apparatuses and procedures for the optimized use of technical areas in the fields of biotechnology, bioprocess engineering and general process technology. In addition, the behavior and the interaction of pro- and eukaryotic cells are examined in natural and technically modified environments in order to initiate specific manipulation strategies.


The starting point for the work in the area of bioprocess technology is often the development of novel, functional hybrid materials that combine innovative physicochemical effects with a high specificity for the respective target substances. In addition, the development of a next generation of biotechnological processes is a further focus. An intensely studied example of this is the formation of magnetic micro- and nanoparticles, since they have oversized specific surfaces with simultaneous easy separability. Furthermore, microstructured / microfluidic systems are investigated in which, for example, cellular processes such as enzyme cascades ("biomimetic compartmentations") can be imitated. In many cases, new 3D printing processes ("BioPrinting") or their development form the basis for the described technologies. 


In the field of biosystems, on the one hand, the interactions of biomaterials with hematopoietic stem cells are investigated. On the other hand, novel 3D cell culture systems for the use as artificial (hematopoietic) stem cells niches are developed on the basis of micro thermoformed polymers. Micro thermoformed polymer films, so-called microcavity arrays, are also the basis of MRI-compatible micro bioreactors, which are used as functional MRI phantoms.



Research Group:

Expertise/Scope of Duties

Chemical Biology

Prof. Dr. Ute Schepers

3 D Tissue Reconstruction

Organ-targeted Dry Delivery

Process Development and Simulation
Prof. Dr. Matthias Franzreb

Sorption-/Extraction Procedures (biotic/abiotic)

Magnetic Separation, Printed mesofluidic reactors,


Print Technology in Biotechnology
Prof. Dr. J. Hubbuch

Development and characterization of bio inks
High Throughput Process Development (HTDP)
cell printing

Process and Sensor Technology, 3D Prints
Dipl. Ing. J. Wohlgemuth

Design & Construction, CAD & Additive Manufacturing

Automation & programming

Particle analysis technology, sensor system technology

Stemcell - Material Interactions
Dr. Cornelia Lee-Thedieck

Adult stem cells


Micro- and nanostructuring

Analytical biochemistry

Dr. G. Brenner-Weiss

Bio-organic mass spectroscopy

Biomimetic compartmentation of cellular processes

Water ressource management

3D-Cellculture Systems

Prof. Dr. Eric Gottwald


Neuroelectronic Materials

Dr. Kristen Kozielski


Development of artificial stem cell niches based on polymer microcavity arrays
Micro bioreactors for organotypic tissue culture