Department of Chemistry of Oxidic and Organic Interfaces

Tracking down the properties of organic & inorganic surfaces


Surfaces of foodstuffs, woods and textiles are examples of everyday contact that consumers demand the highest standards of. Whether it is the compatibility of contact lenses, the growth of mussels on ship hulls or the surface enlargement in catalysis, in all cases the properties of surfaces play a decisive role.



Working groups

  Competence/ Field of activity
Dr. Peter Weidler
Structure determination with X-ray diffraction; UV/VIS/NIR diffraction with var. angles of incidence
X-ray and electron spectroscopy at interfaces
Dr. Alexei Nefedov
Analysis of the electronic structure of organic adsorbates on metal and metal oxide surfaces

Photo-electro catalysis and surface science of metal oxides

Prof. Dr. Hicham Idriss


Surface catalysis

Dr. Yuemin Wang


Structure and reactivity of metal oxides and metal organic frameworks (MOFs)