Antimicrobial processes and materials

Bild Anti-mikrobielle Materialien ohne ÜberschriftKIT/IFG

The research focus Anti-microbial Processes and Materials deals with strategies to prevent the adhesion of bacteria. The anti-bacterial properties of materials are based on the effect of oxidants, superhydrophobic coatings, topographical properties, ionic interactions, and anti-bacterial molecules immobilised on abiotic structures. Surface modified materials or particles will be tested for their anti-bacterial activity via reference and real systems and evaluated for their use in various applications. Ultimately, anti-microbial materials are to be used in industry/technology and also in medicine. In this research focus, cooperation is taking place with KIT working groups on material design and molecule definition and with the University of Freiburg on biofilm sensor technology and microfluidics in high-throughput.

Leader of the working group Microbiology / Molecularbiology

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwartz
Microbiology / Molecularbiology


E-mail: thomas schwartz does-not-exist.kit edu