Head of the working group

 Dr. Gerald Brenner-Weiß

Analytical biochemistry

The research of the working group focuses on biofilms. This includes the characterisation of biofilm components, the composition, and the biofilm development influenced by physico-chemical properties of surfaces as well as biofilm interactions with the eukaryotic world.

Recently, the development of new biotechnological processes going beyond classical fermentation technology becomes a second import topic of the working group research.

Key aspects of our research:

  • Pattern recognition of molecular fingerprints
  • Inter-kingdom Signalling: Interaction of Quorum sensing molecules with mammalian immune cells
  • Bacterial Adhesion: Influence of Conditioning Films (CFs) on the adhesion process
  • Characterization of biofilm EPS
  • Biotechnology: Biomimetic compartmentation of cellular processes in mikrofluidic systems

To fulfil the tasks mentioned above the group can rely on a powerful analytical infrastructure. The BioOrganic Mass Spectrometry facility (BioOMS) provides various MS technologies and separation techniques that can be used for a wide range of analytical question including Proteomics and Metabolomics.

Moreover the group is in closed contact to surface chemistry groups and have therefore access to excellent surface analysis techniques (QCM-D, SPR, ESEM, ToFSIMS…).