Head of the working group

 Prof. Dr. Matthias Franzreb

Process development / printed systems / simulation

The Process Development / Printed Systems / Simulation group is involved in the development of novel separation, synthesis and analysis processes in the fields of biotechnology and chemical engineering. The development process includes rapid prototyping using various additive manufacturing techniques as well as accompanying modeling and simulation using multiphysics FEM software.




Potential controlled separation processes for the purification of biomolecules
Multiscale modeling of electrochemical processes and devices
Intensification of dynamic crossflow filtration processes in the food industry using hybrid digital twins






Separation/fractionation under the influence of magnetic fields

Magnetically induced fluidized bed reactor for electrochemical application
Development of a magnetic decanter for algae separation
Continuous fractionation of fine particles by magnetic field controlled counter current chromatography







Application of 3D printing in (bio-) process engineering

Development of a modular diagnostic system
Continuous ultrafiltration/diafiltration with SPTFF system
Simulation-based development of a micro-SMB
Impedimetric characterization of dielectric layers