PhD Thesis Prize for Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal

Dr. Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal won the 2022 C'Nano PhD Thesis Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Nanoscience for his thesis entitled "Surface Engineering of Biobased Polymeric Nanofilms for Biomedical Applications" carried out at the Institute Charles Sadron & Lab. Biomaterials and Bioengineering - University of Strasbourg.

Congratulations, Haseeb!

Makro2023 Freiburg - Wiley Poster Prize for Katharina Cu

Katharina Cu was rewarded with the Wiley Poster Prize for her poster entitled "Direct Particle Transport via Fiber Reconfigurable Networks" at the Makro 2023 in Freiburg.

Congratulations, Katharina!

Prof. Joerg Lahann honored as AAAS fellow

Joerg Lahann got honored as 2022 fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for distinguished contributions to the field of polymeric materials engineering, including biointerfaces prepared using chemical vapor polymerization.

Congratulations, Prof. Lahann!

2022 AAAS fellows

Advanced Polymers and Biomaterials

Biological interfaces with controlled properties

Biological systems are sensitive to surface properties such as chemical, geometry and topological properties.

To achieve control over interactions at the interface of biological systems and their environment, the development of materials in which individual properties can be manipulated at the micro-and nanometer scale is of great importance.

The department of Advanced Polymers and Biomaterials focuses on the targeted synthesis of such materials through manipulation of chemical and physical methods and the study of these materials in biological systems.


Research groups

  Scope of Duties/ Expertise 
Material synthesis

Synthesis of organic substances (such as functionalized [2.2]Paracyclophanes and pyridinophanes, organic linkers and keteneacetale) and functionalized monomers (e.g. zwitterionic monomers and lactones)

Synthesis of polymers (i.e. Controlled radical polymerization)

Functionalized coatings
Dr. Meike König

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Polymerization

Surface modification by means of controlled polymerization and click chemistry

Generation of micro- and nanostructured substrates

Electrohydrodynamic co-jetting of particles and fibers

  Scope of Duties/ Expertise 
Biofunctionalized coatings
Prof. Dr. Martin Bastmeyer

Functionalization of surfaces with biomolecules

Cell-adhesion and migration





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