Head of the working group

 Dr. Kristen Kozielski

Neuroelectronic Materials Group

The Neuroelectronic Materials Group works on new materials for wireless communication with the brain and nervous system. Our research focuses on understanding and optimizing materials for controlled, electronic signaling to and from the brain. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to neurotechnologies that are minimally invasive, and possibly implanted with no surgical    intervention. To this end, we also work in in material-to-tissue interface engineering to control biological responses and provide tissue targeting. Our multidisciplinary group works in materials science & physics, biomaterials, nanotechnology, electrical engineering, and neurobiology. We are funded by the KIT Young Investigator Group Preparation Program (YIGPrepPro).


For more detailed information on our group, as well as job opportunities, please visit kozielski-lab.org


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