Mitarbeiterbild Katharina Bleher KIT / Katharina Bleher

Dr. Katharina Bleher

Enzyme models@MOF- Synthesis and analysis of MOFs and their catalytic products

Enzyme models are chemical compounds that can catalyze a large number of reactions by mimicking the active site of enzymes. Compared to enzymes, however, they have the advantage of being easier to produce and therefore less expensive, as well as being less sensitive to various reaction conditions.
To date, intensive fundamental research has been carried out in the field of enzyme models. In order to improve the technical applicability of those systems, they need to be immobilized. This will not only facilitate the separation of the reaction mixture, but also improve the reusability of the enzyme models or, make it even possible in the first place. Metal-organic frameworks (MOF) are to be used for immobilization. Similar to Enzyme@MOF, the enzyme models can be embedded in the MOFs. In addition, it is also conceivable to build up a MOF directly from the enzyme model. This would result in numerous advantages: On the one hand, a high catalyst density can be expected, since the support material and target molecule are identical. On the other hand, the regular and porous structure of the MOF should allow effective mass transport of the reactants to the active sites, which should lead to high turnover rates of the overall system. In addition to the synthesis and analysis of the MOF, the effects of immobilization of the enzyme models on the catalytic performance should also be investigated.
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