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A Hexakis Terpyridine-Fullerene Ligand in Six-Fold Ruthenium, Iridium, and Iron Complexes: Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties

  • Autor:

    Yan, W./ Réthoré, C. / Menning, S. / Brenner-Weiß, G. / Muller, T. / Pierrat, P. / Bräse, S. (2016) 

  • Quelle:

    Chemistry - A European Journal, (2016),  22,  33,  DOI:10.10020/chem.201600796 

  • Datum: Juni 2016


An unprecedented straightforward route to six-fold terpyridine ligands around C60 , the latter being regioselectively functionalized in pseudo-octahedral positions using a six-fold Bingel reaction, is reported. Ruthenium, iridium, and iron complexes have been synthesized, and unambiguously characterized by NMR, MS, and cyclic voltammetry.