Marvin Klaiber MK

M.Sc. Marvin Klaiber

Research Interests

Light Degradable Polymers

Electrohydrodynamic Co-Jetting


Functional Materials



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

Doctoral candidate, since 2018
Development of multicompartmental polymer structures by electrohydrodynamic co-jetting.


University of Michigan, USA

Visiting Researcher, Group of Prof. Dr. J. Lahann, Biointerfaces Institute, 07/2019 – 08/2019
Project: Development of magnetic Janus particles for cooperative switching.

Visiting Researcher, Group of Prof. Dr. J. Lahann, Biointerfaces Institute, 01/2019 – 04/2019
Electrohydrodynamic co-jetting of particles and fibers.


M.Sc. Bioengineering

Prof. Dr. M. Franzreb, KIT, 2018
Thesis: Studies on the use of a magnetically controlled fluidized bed as a particle electrode in electrochemical reactions.


Student assistant

Institute for Safety and Environment, KIT, 07/2016 – 05/2017                    
Research about the complex of themes of radon in foreign countries

Evaluation of radon measuring campaigns in private households located in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Collaborative work in the accredited KIT radon laboratory.


Roche Diagnostics

Intern in Manufacturing Science and Technology, Mannheim 2015                    
Investigations on extractables from elastomers (GMP-compliant work).


B.Sc. Bioengineering

Prof. Dr. C. Syldatk, KIT, 2015
Thesis: Optimization of a fermentation with Escherichia coli for production of a recombinant protein.




On Demand Light‐Degradable Polymers Based on 9, 10‐Dialkoxyanthracenes. F. Becker, M. Klaiber, M. Franzreb, S. Bräse, J. Lahann. Macromolecular Rapid Communication, 2020, 2000314.

Cooperative Switching in Large‐Area Assemblies of Magnetic Janus Particles. S. Hwang, T. D. Nguyen, S. Bhaskar, J. Yoon, M. Klaiber, K. J. Lee, S. C. Glotzer, J. Lahann. Advanced Functional Materials, 2020,1907865.