O2-sensitive Mikrokavitätenarrays: 3D-Zellkultursystem mit Sensorfunktion

  • Autor:

    Gottwald, E. / Grün, C. / Liebsch, G. (2023)

  • Quelle:

    BIOspectrum Wissenschaft • Special: Tissue Engineering & Organoide Organotypische Zellkultur, 2023, 29, 758–761

  • Datum: November 2023
  • Abstract

    Oxygen is a crucial parameter for organotypic in vitro-cultures which are still performed under ambient atmosphere supplemented with 5 % CO2. This can lead to hyperoxia with its associated effects on signaling cascades and their effects on cellular behavior. Here, we describe a platform that enables real-time, label-free, optical oxygen (gradient) measurements in organotypic 3D-/organoid cultures thus allowing for physioxic culture and assay conditions in e. g. mito stress tests and substance testing.