Guest Uptake and Exchange in One‐Dimensional Channels of Metal‐Organic‐Framework Films

  • Autor:

    Kanj, A. B. / Heinke, L. (2023)

  • Quelle:

    CIT, 2023, 95, 11, Special Issue: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Kärger zum 80. Geburtstag gewidmet, 1858-1864

  • Datum: August 2023
  • Abstract

    The mass transfer in a film of metal-organic framework with one-dimensional pores, oriented perpendicular to the substrate surface, was gravimetrically explored. The diffusion coefficients of the probe molecules cyclohexane and p-xylene were determined from the transient uptake curves. When exchanging cyclohexane by p-xylene in the MOF pores, the mass transfer was significantly slower than the plain, single-component uptakes. However, a single-file-diffusion situation, where mutual passage is hindered, tremendously slowing down the mass transfer, was not found.