Assessment of Energy and Nutrient Intake and the Intestinal Microbiome (ErNst Study): Protocol and Methods of a Cross-sectional Human Observational Study

  • Autor:

    Dötsch, A. / Merz, B. / Louis, S. / Krems, C. / Herrmann, M. / Dörr, C. / Watzl, B. / Bub, A. / Straßburg, A. / Engelbert, A. K. (2023)

  • Quelle:

    JMIR Res Protoc 2023;12:e42529, doi: 10.2196/42529

  • Datum: April 2023
  • Abstract

    Background: On the national level, nutritional monitoring requires the assessment of reliable representative dietary intake data. To achieve this, standardized tools need to be developed, validated, and kept up-to-date with recent developments in food products and the nutritional behavior of the population. Recently, the human intestinal microbiome has been identified as an essential mediator between nutrition and host health. Despite growing interest in this connection, only a few associations between the microbiome, nutrition, and health have been clearly established. Available studies paint an inconsistent picture, partly due to a lack of standardization.