Practical Insights into the Impedance Response of Interdigitated Electrodes: Extraction of Relative Static Permittivity and Electrolytic Conductivity

  • Autor:

    Sapotta, B. / Schwotzer, M. / Franzreb, M. (2022)

  • Quelle:

    Electroanalysis, 2023, 35, 1, e202200102

  • Datum: Mai 2022
  • Abstract

    This work aims to provide a detailed understanding of the challenges related to the computation of the relative static permittivity and electrolytic conductivity of a sample medium from its impedance response recorded with interdigitated electrode (IDE) geometries. Within the scope of the study, impedance data has been measured and evaluated for a total of nine sample media using two distinct IDE geometries. Particular emphasis is laid upon the compensation of parasitic influences affecting the impedance response. With the raw data supporting this study fully disclosed, the reader is offered the opportunity to comprehensively retrace the evaluation procedure proposed in the text.