Virtual Reality as Tool for Bioprinting Quality Inspection: A Proof of Principle

  • Autor:

    Gretzinger, S. / Schmieg, B. / Guthausen, G. /  Hubbuch, J. (2022)

  • Quelle:

    Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol.,June 2022, Sec. Nanobiotechnology,

  • Datum: Juni 2022
  • Abstract

    As virtual reality (VR) has drastically evolved over the past few years, the field of applications of VR flourished way beyond the gaming industry. While commercial VR solutions might be available, there is a need to develop a workflow for specific applications. Bioprinting represents such an example. Here, complex 3D data is generated and needs to be visualized in the context of quality control. We demonstrate that the transfer to a commercially available VR software is possible by introducing an optimized workflow. In the present work, we developed a workflow for the visualization of the critical quality attribute (cQA) cell distribution in bioprinted (extrusion-based) samples in VR. The cQA cell distribution is directly influenced by the pre-processing step mixing of cell material in the bioink. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) was used as an analytical tool to generate spatially resolved 2.5 and 3D data of the bioprinted objects. A sample with poor quality in respect of the cQA cell distribution was identified as its inhomogeneous cell distribution could be displayed spatially resolved in VR. The described workflow facilitates the usage of VR as a tool for quality inspection in the field of bioprinting and represents a powerful tool for visualization of complex 3D MRI data.