Bio-instructive materials on-demand – combinatorial chemistry of peptoids, foldamers, and beyond

  • Autor:

    Herlan, C. / Feser, D. / Schepers, U. / Bräse, S. (2021)  

  • Quelle:


    Chem. Commun., 2021,57, 11131-11152

  • Datum: September 2021
  • Abstract

    Combinatorial chemistry allows for the rapid synthesis of large compound libraries for high throughput screenings in biology, medicinal chemistry, or materials science. Especially compounds from a highly modular design are interesting for the proper investigation of structure-to-activity relationships. Permutations of building blocks result in many similar but unique compounds. The influence of certain structural features on the entire structure can then be monitored and serve as a starting point for the rational design of potent molecules for various applications. Peptoids, a highly diverse class of bioinspired oligomers, suit perfectly for combinatorial chemistry. Their straightforward synthesis on a solid support using repetitive reaction steps ensures easy handling and high throughput. Applying this modular approach, peptoids are readily accessible, and their interchangeable side-chains allow for various structures. Thus, peptoids can easily be tuned in their solubility, their spatial structure, and, consequently, their applicability in various fields of research. Since their discovery, peptoids have been applied as antimicrobial agents, artificial membranes, molecular transporters, and much more. Studying their three-dimensional structure, various foldamers with fascinating, unique properties were discovered. This non-comprehensive review will state the most interesting discoveries made over the past years and arouse curiosity about what may come.