New classes of selective separations exploiting magnetic adsorbents

  • Autor:

    Franzreb, M (2020)

  • Quelle:

    Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 2020, 46, 65-76

  • Datum: April 2020
  • Abstract

    Magnetic adsorbents enable alternative process modes of selective separations, such as the use of batch or continuous stirred-tank reactors followed by magnetic separators but also more sophisticated systems such as magnetic extractors or so-called magnetically stabilized fluidized beds. In small scale, the use of magnetic adsorbents for clinical diagnostics and bioanalytical assays is common practice and well established; however, despite several decades of research and pilot-scale campaigns, there are only few industrial applications of magnetic adsorbents. Therefore, we highlight recent equipment and process developments having the potential to overcome limitations regarding continuous operation, processable particle sizes, and cleanability. Afterward, we review the state of the art of selective separations exploiting magnetic adsorbents in the most promising fields of application, such as algae harvesting, phosphate recycling, and protein purification.