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Manipulation of organic “needles” using an STM operated under SEM control

  • Autor: Hänel, K. / Birkner, A. / Müllegger, S. / Winkler, A. / Wöll, C. (2006)

  • Quelle: Surf. Sci. 600 (2006), 2411-2416

  • Datum: 2006
  • Hänel, K. / Birkner, A. / Müllegger, S. / Winkler, A. / Wöll, C. (2006): „Manipulation of organic “needles” using an STM operated under SEM control “. In: Surf. Sci. 600 (2006), 2411-2416


Nano-sized P4P (para-quaterphenylene) organic crystallites grown on a gold substrate were removed and redeposited using the tip of an STM. The controlled lift-off of the needle-shaped crystallites was imaged by a simultaneously operated SEM.

The forces exerted by the metal STM tip on the nano-crystal during this nano-manipulation process could be determined by monitoring the deflection of the STM tip. After the lift-off process the former contact area was imaged using the STM. These STM micrographs clearly demonstrate that the region between the needles is covered by a P4P layer with a thickness of at least 3 nm.


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