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Pharmaceutical applications of photothermal beam deflection

  • Autor:

    Hanh, B.H. / Faubel, W. / Heissler, S. / Wartewig, S. / Neubert, R.H. (2006)

  • Quelle: Laser Physics 16 (2006), 794-798

  • Datum: 2006
  • Hanh, B.H. / Faubel, W. / Heissler, S. / Wartewig, S. / Neubert, R.H. (2006): „Pharmaceutical applications of photothermal beam deflection“. In: Laser Physics 16 (2006), 794-798


We report the potential use of a noninvasive method of photothermal beam deflection (PBD) in pharmaceutical research exemplifying the determination of drug content in semisolid formulations and mapping the lateral drug diffusion into an artificial membrane.

PBD exhibits a high sensitivity. The requirement of only minimal sample preparation makes this spectroscopic technique advantageous. PBD in conjunction with an appropriate scanner device and depth profiling is a promising technique for in vivo studies of three-dimensional drug diffusion into biological membranes. A short introduction to the basic principles of PBD is given.


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