Continuous ultrafiltration/diafiltration using a 3D‐printed two membrane single pass module

  • Autor:

    Tan, R / Franzreb, M. (2019)

  • Quelle:

    Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2020, 117, 3, 654-661

  • Datum: Dezember 2019


A 3D printed ultrafiltration/diafiltration (UF/DF) module is presented allowing the continuous, simultaneous concentration of retained (bio‐)molecules and reduction or exchange of the salt buffer. Differing from the single‐pass UF concepts known from the literature, DF operation does not require the application of several steps or units with intermediating dilution. In contrast, the developed module uses two membranes confining the section in which the molecules are concentrated while the sample is passing. Simultaneously to this concentration process, the two membranes allow a perpendicular in and outflow of DF buffer reducing the salt content in this section. The module showed the continuous concentration of a dissolved protein up to a factor of 4.6 while reducing the salt concentration down to 47% of the initial concentration along a flow path length of only 5 cm. Due to single‐pass operation the module shows concentration polarization effects reducing the effective permeability of the applied membrane in case of higher concentration factors. However, because of its simple design and the capability to simultaneously run UF and DF processes in a single module, the development could be economically beneficial for small scale UF/DF applications.