Comprehensive View on a Magnetic Separation based Protein Purification Processes: from Process Development to Cleaning Validation of a GMP-ready Magnetic Separator

  • Autor:

    Ebeler, M. / Pilgram, F. / Wellhöfer, T. / Frankenfeld, K. / Franzreb, M. (2019)

  • Quelle:

    Engineering in Life Sciences, 2019,

  • Datum: Juli 2019


Magnetic separation processes are known as integrated bioanalytical protein purification method since decades and are well described. However, use of magnetic separation processes in a regulated industrial production environment has been prevented by the lack of suitable process equipment and prejudice against the productivity of the process and its qualification for cleaning‐in‐place operation. With the aim of overcoming this prejudice, a comprehensive process development approach is presented, based on a GMP‐compliant magnetic separator, including an optimization of the batch adsorption process, implementation into a technical‐scale, and the development and validation of cleaning routines for the device. By the implementation of a two‐step counter‐current binding process, it was possible to raise the yields of the magnetic separation process even for very low concentrated targets in a vast surplus of competing proteins, like the hormone equine chorionic gonadotropin in serum, from 74% to over 95%. For the validation of the cleaning process, a direct surface swabbing method combined with a total organic carbon analysis was established for the determination of two model contaminants. The cleanability of the process equipment was proven for both model contaminants by reliably meeting the 10 ppm criteria.