Controlling the Uptake of Diarylethene‐Based Cell‐Penetrating Peptides into Cells Using Light

  • Autor:

    Schober, T. / Wehl, I. / Afonin, S. / Babii, O. / Lampolska, A. / Schepers, U. / Komarov, I. / Ulrich, A. (2019)

  • Quelle:

    ChemPhotoChem, 2019, 3, 6, 384-391, doi:10.1002/cptc.201900019

  • Datum: Mai 2019


We report on diarylethene (DAE)‐containing photoswitchable cell‐penetrating peptides (CPPs) capable of photocontrolled cell entry. We demonstrate in vitro that reversible photoisomerization of a DAE fragment in the backbones of non‐cytotoxic cyclic peptides influences their binding to cell membranes and subsequent CPP‐mediated cargo internalization. Benign red light can be used to activate cell entry of our compounds. We suggest that the observed differences in cell uptake of the two photoisomers are due to changes in the molecular flexibility achieved upon DAE photoisomerization.