Covalently linked organic networks

  • Autor:

    Addicoat, M. A. / Tsotsalas, M. (2015)

  • Quelle:

    Front. Mater., (2015), 

  • Datum: Februar 2015


In this review, we intend to give an overview of the synthesis of well-defined covalently bound organic network materials such as covalent organic frameworks, conjugated microporous frameworks, and other “ideal polymer networks” and discuss the different approaches in their synthesis and their potential applications.

In addition we will describe the common computational approaches and highlight recent achievements in the computational study of their structure and properties. For further information, the interested reader is referred to several excellent and more detailed reviews dealing with the synthesis (Dawson et al., 2012; Ding and Wang, 2013; Feng et al., 2012) and computational aspects (Han et al., 2009; Colón and Snurr, 2014) of the materials presented here.