Photon Upconversion at Crystalline Organic-Organic Heterojunctions

  • Autor:

    Oldenburg, M. / Turshatov, A. / Busko, D.  / Wollgarten, S / Adams, M / Baroni, N / Welle, A / Redel, E / Wöll, C / Richards, BS / Howard, IA (2016)

  • Quelle:

    ADVANCED MATERIALS, (2016), 28, 38, 8477-8482 

  • Datum: Oktober 2016


Triplet transfer across a surface-anchored metal-organic-framework heterojunction is demonstrated by the observation of triplet-triplet annihilation photonupconversion in a sensitizer-emitter heterostructure. Upconversion thresholds under 1 mW cm(-2) are achieved. In the broader context, the double-electron-exchange mechanism of triplet transfer indicates that the heterojunction quality is sufficient for electrons to move between layers in this solution-processed crystalline heterostructure.