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Cosmetic powder suspensions in compliant, fingerprintlike contacts

  • Autor:

    Timm, K. / Myant, C. / Spikes, H. / Schneider, M. / Ladnorg, T. / Grunze, M. (2011)

  • Quelle:

    Biointerphases 6 (2011), 3, 126-134

  • Datum: 2011
  • Timm, K. / Myant, C. / Spikes, H. / Schneider, M. / Ladnorg, T. / Grunze, M. (2011): „Cosmetic powder suspensions in compliant, fingerprintlike contacts”. In: Biointerphases 6 (2011), 3, 126-134


Cosmetic powders are regularly employed in skin creams and cosmetic formulations to improve performance and enhance skin feel. A previous study investigated the effect of particle concentration and size on the lubricating properties of powder suspensions in smooth, compliant contacts [Timm , Tribol. Int. (2011)]. In this paper the tribological properties of cosmetic powder suspensions are investigated in compliant contacts having model fingerprintlike surface topography.

Friction coefficients were measured for a series of powder suspensions with varying particle size and concentration in a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)/PDMS contact. A commercial tribometer (MTM, PCS Instruments) was employed to measure friction as a function of rubbing time (20 min), under pure sliding (50 mm/s) and low load (0.5 N) conditions. Compared to results using smooth surfaces, it was clear that surface topography has a pronounced affect on the time-dependent tribological behavior of the cosmetic powder suspensions studied.

A two-stage friction coefficient versus time curve was observed. By varying the particle size and concentration it was shown that the duration and magnitude of each stage can be controlled



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