Closer to Nature–Bio-inspired Patterns by Transforming Latent Lithographic Images

  • Autor:

    Giselbrecht, S. / Reinhardt, M. / Mappes, T. / Börner, M. / Gottwald, E. / van Blitterswijk, C. / Saile, V. / Truckenmüller, R. (2011) 

  • Quelle:

    Advanced Materials, (2011), 23, 42, 4873–4879

  • Datum: September 2011


Inspired by nature, a new strategy to create three-dimensional organic structures spanning orders of magnitude by using a combination of deep UV or X-ray direct lithography with a solid-state forming process. The stored latent lithographic image is transferred to three-dimensional curvilinear surfaces by forming the irradiated film under conditions of permanent material coherence.