High-Throughput Fabrication of Uniform and Homogenous MOF Coatings

  • Autor:

    Arslan, H. / Shekhah, O. / Wohlgemuth, J. / Franzreb, M. / Fischer, R. / Wöll, C. (2011)

  • Quelle:

    Advanced Functional Materials 21 (2011), 22, 4228–4231

  • Datum: 2011
  • Arslan, H. / Shekhah, O. / Wohlgemuth, J. / Franzreb, M. / Fischer, R. / Wöll, C. (2011): „High-Throughput Fabrication of Uniform and Homogenous MOF Coatings“. In: Advanced Functional Materials 22 (2011), 21, 4228–4231




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We describe a novel method to produce monolithic, oriented, crystalline and highly porous coatings on solid substrates. By adopting the recently described liquid-phase epitaxy (LPE) process developed to grow metal-organic framework coatings (MOFs) on modified Au-substrates to the spray method, we have prepared thick (μm) layers of several MOF types on modified Au-substrates, including HKUST-I and layer-pillar MOFs.

The spray method not only allows such SURMOFs to be grown much faster than with the LPE-process but the dependence of layer thickness on the number of immersion cycles also provides valuable insights into the mechanism governing the layer-by-layer MOF formation process.