Magnetic Particle Fractionation and In-line Characterization for Enhancing Magnetic Particle Imaging Tracers

  • chair:

    Kuger, L. / Lux, E. / Franke, J. / Stoer, P. / Löwa, N. / Franzreb, M. (2024)

  • place:

    International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging IJMPI, 2024,10,1, 1

  • Date: März 2024
  • Abstract

    Refining the size distribution of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) holds great potential for enhanced performance in magnetic particle imaging (MPI). This work demonstrates the coupling of a preparative-scale magnetic fieldcontrolled size fractionation technique with in-line magnetic particle spectroscopy (MPS) for the real-time assessment of magnetic nanoparticle downstream processing performance. In-line magnetic particle spectroscopy
    monitoring allowed for the concurrent evaluation of the amplitude spectrum and derived parameters including the
    harmonic ratio A5/A3, enabling real-time selection of fractions with desired characteristics during the fractionation
    process. Furthermore, magnetic particle spectroscopy offered increased sensitivity and more comprehensive
    characterization capabilities than conventional in-line analysis techniques such as light absorption spectroscopy.
    A theoretical model delineating the dependency of magnetic particle spectroscopy signal on core/shell size ratio
    was developed. These results potentially have significant implications for prospective applications in the realm of
    in-line magnetic particle spectroscopy analysis for real-time process control and quality assurance.