Development of standardization strategies for reproducible extrusion-based 3D bioprinting processes

  • chair:

    Strauß, S. / Hubbuch, J. / Klahn, C. (2024)

  • place:

    Hochschulschrift KIT

  • Date: März 2024
  • Abstract

    Additive manufacturing (AM) and three-dimensional (3D) printing are now well-established manu-
    facturing methods in many areas of research and industry. One advantage is that complex or highly
    customized geometries can be produced from materials such as metals, ceramics and polymers.
    In addition to an already existing large variety of printable materials, bioinks are emerging. The
    number and diversity of bioinks are increasing continuously. Generally, a bioink consists of biological
    cells brought in a soft matrix. With regard to this, the so-called extrusion-based bioprinting (EBB)
    method is currently being of particular interest in research. Ultimately, artificially manufactured
    tissues are envisioned to be used as patient-specific implants or as models for pharmaceutical studies.