Kinetically Stable, Flat Lying Thiolate Monolayers

  • chair:

    Badin, M. G. / Bashir, A. / Krakert, S. / Strunskus, T. / Terfort,  A. / Wöll, Ch. (2007)

  • place: Angew. Chem.Int. Ed. 46 (2007), 3762-3764

  • Date: 2007
  • Badin, M. G. / Bashir, A. / Krakert, S. / Strunskus, T. / Terfort,  A. / Wöll, Ch. (2007): "Kinetically Stable, Flat Lying Thiolate Monolayers". In: Angew. Chem.Int. Ed. 46 (2007), 3762-3764


Lying low: Alkanethioacetates do not form the same dense thiolate monolayers on gold that are obtained from alkanethiols. A multitechnique study shows instead the formation of a kinetically stable monolayer with mostly flat-lying thiolate molecules (see model; blue S). This extraordinary structure results from the diminished reactivity of the thioacetate group towards the gold surface.


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