10th Anniversary of Inorganics: Inorganic Materials

  • chair:

    Nisticò, R. / Idriss, H. / Carlos, L. / Aneggi, E / Jensen, T. (2024)

  • place:

    Inorganics 2024, 12, 3, 62, doi.org/10.3390/inorganics12030062

  • Date: Februar 2024
  • Abstract

    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the journal Inorganics, the “Inorganic Materials” section launched this Special Issue entitled “10th Anniversary of Inorganics: Inorganic Materials”, which collected 25 interesting papers (i.e., 20 articles, 1 communication, and 4 reviews), thus becoming the second most valued Special Issue in terms of the number of published contributions to the journal Inorganics (the first Special Issue in the “Inorganic Materials” section,). Moreover, despite the fact that the “Inorganic Materials” section in Inorganics is very recent (i.e., the beginning of 2022), it has rapidly grown, becoming an important cornerstone of the journal. The reason for this positive result is the continuously growing demand for advanced functional inorganic materials in a large variety of technological fields and applications.