Quantitative and Non‐Quantitative Assessments of Enzymatic Electrosynthesis: A Case Study of Parameter Requirements

  • chair:

    Sayoga, G. / Abt, M. / Teetz, N. / Bueschler, V. / Liese, A. / Franzreb, M. / Holtmann, D. (2023)

  • place:

    ChemElectroChem 2023, 10, 24, e202300226

  • Date: September 2023
  • Abstract

    The integration of enzymatic and electrochemical reactions offers a unique opportunity to optimize production processes. Recently, an increasing number of laboratory-scale enzymatic electrosyntheses have shown impressive performance indicators, leading to scientific interest in technical implementation. However, important process parameters are missing in most of the relevant literature. On one hand, this is due to the large variety of relevant performance indicators. On the other hand, enzyme technologists and electrochemists use different parameters to describe a process. In this article, we review the most important performance indicators in electroenzymatic processes and suggest that in order to allow quantitative comparison, these indicators should be reported in all respective publications. In addition to quantitative parameters, non-quantitative assessments often need to be included in a final evaluation. Examples of such parameters are sustainability, contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals or interactions with the overall process. We demonstrate the evaluation of processes using hydrogen peroxide-dependent peroxygenases. The strength of the proposed evaluation system lies in its ability to identify weaknesses in a process at an early stage of development. Finally, it can be concluded that all evaluated enzymatic electrosynthesis do not yet meet typical industrial requirements for an enzyme-based process.