Automated classification of granular bainite and polygonal ferrite by electron backscatter diffraction verified through local structural and mechanical analyses

  • chair:

    Jentner, R. M. / Tsai, S. P. / Welle, A. / Scholl, S. / Srivastava, K. / Best, J. P. / Kirchlechner, C. (2023)

  • place:

    JMR, 2023,  38, 4177–4191

  • Date: August 2023
  • Abstract

    Differentiation of granular bainite and polygonal ferrite in high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steels possesses a significant challenge, where both nanoindentation and chemical analyses do not achieve an adequate phase classification due to the similar mechanical and chemical properties of both constituents. Here, the kernel average misorientation from electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) was implemented into a Matlab code to differentiate and quantify the microstructural constituents. Correlative electron channeling contrast imaging (ECCI) validated the automated phase classification results and was further employed to investigate the effect of the grain tolerance angle on classification. Moreover, ECCI investigations highlighted that the grain structure of HSLA steels can be subdivided into four grain categories. Each category contained a different nanohardness or substructure size that precluded a nanoindentation-based phase classification. Consequently, the automated EBSD classification approach based on local misorientation achieved a reliable result using a grain tolerance angle of 5°.