Twisting of Porphyrin by Assembly in a Metal‐Organic Framework yielding Chiral Photoconducting Films for Circularly‐Polarized‐Light Detection

  • chair:

    Li, C. / Schopmans, H. / Langer, L. / Marschner, S. / Chandresh, A. / Bürck, J. / Tsuchiya, Y. / Chihaya, A. / Wenzel, W. / Bräse, S. / Kozlowska, M. / Heinke, L. (2022)

  • place:

    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, 62, 10, e202217377

  • Date: Dezember 2022
  • Abstract

    While materials based on organic molecules usually have either superior optoelectronic or superior chiral properties, the combination of both is scarce. Here, a crystalline chiroptical film based on porphyrin with homochiral side groups is presented. While the dissolved molecule has a planar, thus, achiral porphyrin core, upon assembly in a metal–organic framework (MOF) film, the porphyrin core is twisted and chiral. The close packing and the crystalline order of the porphyrin cores in the MOF film also results in excellent optoelectronic properties. By exciting the Soret band of porphyrin, efficient photoconduction with a high On-Off-ratio is realized. More important, handedness-dependent circularly-polarized-light photoconduction with a dissymmetry factor g of 4.3×10−4 is obtained. We foresee the combination of such assembly-induced chirality with the rich porphyrin chemistry will enable a plethora of organic materials with exceptional chiral and optoelectronic properties.