HyReKa method compendium of laboratory analysis of antibiotic-resistant pathogens from clinical, agricultural and municipal wastewater

  • chair:

    Exner, M. / Schwartz, T. / Schmithausen, R. (2020)

  • place:

    Karlsruhe, Dresden 2020

  • Date: Juli 2020


HyReKA (Hygienic-medical Relevanz and Kontrolle Antibiotic-resistant pathogen in clinical, agricultural and municipal wastewater Method Compendium of Laboratory Analysis

The spread of clinically relevant antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ARBs) from anthropogenic sources, as well as the excessive and inappropriate use of antibiotics in human and veterinary areas, represent an increasing environmental problem. These bacteria with obligatory and facultative-pathogenic significance enter the aquatic environment via various input paths and from there, via the aquatic utilization path, back to humans, farm animals or useful plants. At present, there are no adequate risk assessments that can map the effects of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes on the occurrence and selection of resistance in bacteria, especially in non-clinical environments.

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