Institute of Functional Interfaces
Tobias Göckler

Dr. Tobias Göckler

Research project

Chemical and Biological Design of Biomaterials and Bioinks for Light-Based Biofabrication Processes in Tissue Engineering

Light-based biofabrication technologies, particularly Direct Laser Writing (DLW), 3D Bioprinting (3BP) or subtractive photopatterning, represent an indispensable approach to fabricate tailor-made scaffolds for 3D cell culture and tissue reconstruction, mimicking the extracellular matrix and promoting cell growth in artificial settings. My PhD project deals with the development and biological evaluation of different biomaterials and hydrogel-based bioinks. A special focus is put on the chemical modification of various biopolymers (gelatin, polyethylene glycol, polycaprolactone) by incorporation of photoreactive groups to make them accessible to the above mentioned manufacturing processes. Light is used either for spatiotemporal photopolymerisation or photodegradation to generate 3D structures. The main challenge in material design is to find a balance between good printing properties and an excellent biological performance.