Dr. Juliana Pfeifer

Research project

Inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery

By using inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles an addressed transport as well as a controlled release of active substances in diseased target tissue, such as tumours, is to be achieved. To additionally initiate a multimodal attack on tumours, photoinitiators in combination with an already established chemotherapeutic agent will be integrated into nanoparticles. Thus, it is possible to supplement chemotherapy with photodynamic therapy and limit its increased effect on the tumour. Due to the easy modification of the hybrid nanoparticles they can also be coupled to carrier-molecules, such as peptoids, to give them organ specificity. These modified nanoparticles can detect and target tumour metastases in the entire organism. The aim of this technology is to increase the efficiency of established therapeutics and to significantly reduce their negative effects in healthy organisms.