On the design of new europium heteroaromatic carboxylates for OLED application

  • chair:

    Koshelev, D. / Chikineva, T. / Kozhevnikova, (Khudoleeva), V. / Medvedko, A. / Vashchenko, A. / Goloveshkin, A. / Tsymbarenko, D. / Averin, A. / Meschkov, A. / Schepers, U. / Vatsadze, S. / Utochnikova, V. (2019)

  • place:

    Dyes and Pigments, 2019, 170, 107604

  • Date: Mai 2019


The approach to the directed synthesis of lanthanide aromatic carboxylates – precursors to the electroluminescent materials, - was proposed, namely the conjugation length increase and heteroatom introduction in the appropriate position in combination with the neutral ligand introduction. This resulted in the isolation of a series of new lanthanide complexes, among which the highest electroluminescence efficiency was obtained for mixed-ligand europium benzothiazole-2-carboxylate with bathophenanthroline in a solution-processed OLED. The peculiarities of energy transfer processes allowed obtaining luminescence thermometer materials based on this system, which demontrated the sensitivity of 2.8%/K in the physiological range.