Compartmentalized Microhelices Prepared via Electrohydrodynamic Cojetting

  • chair:

    Gil, M. / Moon, S. / Yoon, J. / Rhamani, S. / Shin, J.-W. / Lee, K.J. / Lahann, J. (2018)

  • place:

    Advanced Sciens, 5, 6,, 2018

  • Date: Juni 2018


Anisotropically compartmentalized microparticles have attracted increasing interest in areas ranging from sensing, drug delivery, and catalysis to microactuators. Herein, a facile method is reported for the preparation of helically decorated microbuilding blocks, using a modified electrohydrodynamic cojetting method. Bicompartmental microfibers are twisted in situ, during electrojetting, resulting in helical microfibers. Subsequent cryosectioning of aligned fiber bundles provides access to helically decorated microcylinders. The unique helical structure endows the microfibers/microcylinders with several novel functions such as translational motion in response to rotating magnetic fields. Finally, microspheres with helically patterned compartments are obtained after interfacially driven shape shifting of helically decorated microcylinders.