Human mesenchymal stromal cells inhibit platelet activation and aggregation involving CD73-converted adenosine

  • chair:

    Netsch, P. / Elvers-Hornung, S. / Uhlig, S. / Klüter, H. / Huck, V. / Kirschhöfer, F. / Brenner-Weiß, G. / Janetzko, K. / Solz, H. / Wuchter, P. / Bugert, P. / Bieback, K. (2018)

  • place:

    Stem Cell Research & Therapy, 2018, 9,1,

  • Date: Juli 2018


Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) are promising cell therapy candidates. Clinical application is considered safe. However, minor side effects have included thromboembolism and instant blood-mediated inflammatory reactions suggesting an effect of MSC infusion on hemostasis. Previous studies focusing on plasmatic coagulation as a secondary hemostasis step detected both procoagulatory and anticoagulatory activities of MSCs. We now focus on primary hemostasis and analyzed whether MSCs can promote or inhibit platelet activation.