Experimental Study of Small-Scale Mineral Particles in the Atmosphere of Central Asia

  • chair:

    Adushkin, V. / Chen, B. / Popel, S. / Dubinskii, A. / Weidler, P. / Friedrich, F. (2018)

  • place:

    Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, 2018, 54, 2, 330–335

  • Date: März 2018


An experimental study of small-scale mineral particles in the atmosphere over Kyrgyzstan is carried out. It is shown that the substance of the studied particles corresponds to quartz-enriched minerals, feldspars, layered silicates, minerals containing lime carbonate, etc. Overall, there is a definite correspondence between the mineral particle compositions in the atmosphere of Kyrgyzstan and in the other regions of Central Asia. The constructed size-distribution functions of the particles agree with the results of studying the dust aerosol properties in the deserts of Central Asia obtained in the southwestern part of Tajikistan in 1989.