Lipid ratios as a marker for red blood cell storage quality and as a possible explanation for donor gender differences in storage quality

  • chair:

    Melzak, K. A. / Muth, M. / Kirschhöfer, F. / Brenner‐Weiss, G. / Bieback, K. (2020)

  • place:

    Vox Sanguinis The International Journal of Tranfusion Medicine 2020,

  • Date: Mai 2020


Red blood cells that are stored for transfusions as red cell concentrates (RCCs) undergo changes during the storage period, culminating in the lysis of the cells. The goal of this work is to find markers that are linked to high haemolysis, in order to explain the inter‐donor variability that is known to occur in storage quality, and also the known differences between RCCs from male and female donors.