Porous Coordination Polymer Hybrid Device with Quartz Oscillator: Effect of Crystal Size on Sorption Kinetics

  • chair:

    Uehara,H. / Diring, S. / Furukawa, S. / Kalay, Z. / Tsotsalas, M. / Nakahama, M. / Hirai, K. / Kondo, M. / Sakata, O. / Kitagawa, S. (2011) 

  • place:

    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 31, 11932–11935, DOI:0.1021/ja205082p 

  • Date: Juli 2011


A new strategy to synthesize monodispersed porous coordination polymer (PCP) nanocrystals at room temperature was developed and utilized for the formation of PCP thin films on gold substrates with fine control over the crystal sizes using the coordination modulation method. Hybridization of these PCP thin films with an environment-controlled quartz crystal microbalance system allowed determining the adsorption properties for organic vapors (methanol and hexane).

In the case of high sensitivity (at the low-concentration dosing of analytes), the sensor response depended on the crystal size but not on the type of analyte. In contrast, at the high-concentration dosing, a clear dependence of the sorption kinetics on the analyte was observed due to significant sorbate–sorbate interaction.