Microscale Rockets and Picoliter Containers Engineered from Electrospun Polymeric Microtubes

  • chair:

    Sitt, A. / Soukupova, J. / Miller, D. / Verdi, D. / Zboril, R. / Hess, H. / Lahann, J. (2016) 

  • place:

    small, 2016, 12, 11, 1432–1439 

  • Date: Januar 2016


Chemically functional core/shell microtubes made of biodegradable polymers are fabricated using coaxial electrospinning. The luminal walls are chemically functionalized, allowing for regioselective chemical binding or adsorption inside the microtube. Attaching catalytic nanoparticles or enzymes to the luminal walls converts the microtubes into bubble-propelled microrockets. Upon exposure to ultrasound, the microtubes undergo shape shifting, transforming them into picoliter-scale containers.